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b. 1994 South Africa

mixed media on canvas

50 x 101 cm


Andiswa Bhungane (Andy), is a luxury, mixed media artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her passion for creating pieces which convey opulence, embodies the essence of luxury.


The theme of progression in one's own existence sits central to the message conveyed by her work and it is this possibility of 'more' and striving to reach another level personally that draws the viewer in on an innate level. 


Born and raised in a family of creatives, Andy has always been encouraged to explore and embrace the power of one's imagination. From a young age, a fascination with the intricacies of luxury and the attention to detail that goes into creating high-end products has been ever-present in her own lived experience.


This is effortlessly translated onto the canvas in an authentic presentation of high end and opulent materials which combine to create Abstract works that transport the viewer to an alternate reality where form and shape reign supreme.


'My works are a celebration of luxury, an ode to beauty and a testament to the human pursuit of excellence.' 

Andiswa Bhungane | Midnight

R4 500,00Price
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