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b. 1976 South Africa

acrylic on canvas (mixed media)

84 x 119 cm


Paena Galane is a self-taught, contemporary- and modern 'imagineer' working from Pretoria, Gauteng. He brings an illustrative approach to the canvas, creating extensive scenes or snapshots that seamlessly flow together to transport the viewer to scenes set in his imagination.


The artist makes use of a variety of two dimensional mixed media when creating works, allowing the details and colour represented on the canvas to convey the message with nuanced texture aiding this pursuit.


His works are largely conversational, creating a conenction between the departed and the living subjects portrayed, allowing the viewer to quietly observe and bring the scene to life in their own imagination.


Music, sport and politics alike are used as sources for an opportunity for visual storytelling, ensuring that any viewer will find something to relate to or recognize within his work.


Paena Galane | Nas hosts greats

R14 000,00Price
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