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b. 1986 Germany

mixed media



Born in Germany in 1986, Sabrina Scherf's work is a testiment to the resilience of the human soul. Imbued with deep personal meaning, her work has a rythmic, creative flow born directly from her own experiences with love, heartbreak and resilience.


Each work is exceptionally unique and forms a single glimpse into the artist's heart, mind, soul & experiences. When her practice is viewed in totality as a greater picture, it all comes together to weave a narrative across works that speaks to each experience in almost chapter-like format, allowing the artist to share experiences that are innately human at the core and an accessible inside track for the viewer who may personally have experienced similarly.


'I discovered an innate but buried passion for creating after a heartbreaking divorce. I love to experiment and find myself getting braver and braver.'


It is in the vulnerability of this work that one is drawn to the true power of art in healing and bringing insight to the viewer and the practitioner. Scherf's works manage to bridge the gap between difficult emotions and resilience effortlessly and are sure to bring hope to anyone willing to spend the time to understand the meaning and journey that these works represent.

Sabrina Scherf |The revengeful Ronin, The Slithering Sensei, The Yearning Yakuza

R8 000,00Price
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